Schedule this service if you are an Existing Client in need 
of a TRIM/RESHAPING, and you
HAVE received a Royal Cut in LESS THAN 16 weeks.

Royal Cut Refining Executive Experience incorporates a combination of state of the art Cut it Kinky and Deva Curl Cutting techniques. These methods of curl by curl & curl grouping cutting are done on dry defined curls. Select this service if you have received a Royal Cut in LESS THAN 16 weeks.

During this one on one service you will receive:

  • A full consultation to gain a better understanding of both your lifestyle and the current state of your curls
  • Discuss new and existing curl goals
  • A hard water treatment/Hair Detox
  • Personalized Restoration Session ie. Olaplex, Moisture Emerson, Protein
  • Royal Cut (Curl by curl/ Curl Grouping Cut)
  • Hydrate & Define
  • Luxurious Set

For this appointment please arrive with your hair completely dry, and hydrated to the standard discussed during your initial cut.  Please ensure your hair has been thoroughly detangled within the last 3 days prior to your appointment. Hair that that requires excessive detangling will incur an additional fee.

1 hour 15 minutes


All appointments require a deposit. Please do not send deposits prior to receiving your invoice. All appointment policy information can be found HERE.