Schedule this service if you are an Existing Client in need 
of a Cut and Product Regimen. 
Also Select this service if you 
have NOT received a Royal Cut in OVER 16 weeks.


Royal Cut Executive Experience incorporates a combination of state of the art Cut it Kinky and Deva Curl Cutting techniques. These methods of curl by curl & curl grouping cutting are done on dry defined curls. Select this service if you have not received a Royal Cut in OVER 16 weeks.

During this one on one service, you will receive a full consultation to:

  • Gain a better understanding of both your lifestyle and the current state of your curls
  • Discuss new and existing curl goals

You will also receive:

  • A hard water treatment/Hair Detox
  • Personalized Restoration Session ie. Olaplex, Moisture Emersion, Protein
  • Royal Cut (Curl by Curl/Curl Grouping Cut)
  • Hydrate & Define
  • Luxurious Set
  • At the bowl hands-on Stylist/Client Styling Session
  • 100% Customized Home Care Prescription

For this appointment please arrive with your hair 100% dry, in your BEST wash and go style. Please ensure your hair has been thoroughly detangled within the last 3 days prior to your appointment. Hair that that requires excessive detangling will incur an additional fee.

1 hour


All appointments require a deposit. Please do not send deposits prior to receiving your invoice. All appointment policy information can be found HERE.