About Me

Hey Curly Walkers’!

I’m Asia, I truly believe the journey of discovering as well as embracing one’s curls is truly A Curly Walk… NOT a Sprint, but A Walk. Having traveled this same journey on my own, I decided to educate myself in order to properly service and educate my community. My truest passion is servicing others, in addition, I genuinely believe love will heal the world and in order to love one another, we must first love our most authentic self. In being committed to the change I wish to see in the world, I am devoted to walking hand in hand with Curl Keepers in order for them to love and embrace their authentic self, so they may give the pure love needed to heal our world.    

After receiving a BA from Fairfield University located in Fairfield, CT and retiring from the United States Army Reserve, I decided to pursue my current career as a Specialized Curl Artist. I received my Cosmetology credentials from Aveda Institute Los Angeles, and soon after attending Deva Curl Academy SOHO, I became a Level 3 Certified Deva Cut Stylist. I am a certified Cut It Kinky Alumni and have directly trained under the phenomenal Aeleise Jana & Aishia Strickland

I understand that social conditioning has been very influential in the perception Curl Keepers have of themselves, as well as the way in which society views us. I am dedicated to bringing about transformation to women around the world by way of cutting, educating, coaching, and advocating for beautifully unique individuals. 

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