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Partnering Together to Empower Your Mane Journey To Your Authentic Identity

This Where Your Detox Transformation Curl Journey Curly Walk Begins

Scheduling Your Appointment
30-Day Hair Detox

New Clients, I am thrilled you are interested in partnering with me, as your Curl Specialist!

Prior to scheduling your appointment with me, I would love to set you up for success.

The required process is simple, you will simply detox your hair for a 30-day period; this is where our partnership truly begins.

Your 30-day detox period (four consecutive shampoos) will prepare your hair for a more profound transformative salon experience.

Commit to the following simple regimen every 7-10 days with the following products and tool:

The Regimen: Shampoo, Condition, Style

The Products: AG Balance Shampoo, AG Boost Conditioner


Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic (For Wash and Go)

The Doux Mousse Def (For Twist out)

The Tool:

Brush with the Best Detangling Brush

(For Best Results, Refrain from using any products outside of the suggested products)

If your curls are loose/silky or you are unsure if you need to complete the 30-day detox prior to your appointment, please send the following information via text to 310.439.4251. 

1. Photo of current hair curly 2. List of current products used, (Including, Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Products Including Oils)

New Client

You are “New Client” if this is your first appointment with me, or your last appointment was more than 12 weeks ago.

*All appointments require a non-refundable deposit. Paid Deposits are credited towards your scheduled appointment cost.*

Existing Client

You are an “Existing Client” if you have been following your prescribed maintenance cut schedule.

If your last appointment was more than 12 weeks ago you must book a “New Client” appointment.

Partner with a Professional

You Deserve The Simplicity

Your Natural Hair Journey Has to Offer.

― Asia Walk

Taryn T.

Asia changed the way I look at my hair. Since going to her a couple years back my hair is HEALTHY and as a result it has grown much longer. Not only is Asia a hair artist, she is also a true educator who never fails to give me the tools to improve my hair on my own. My products are now higher quality and my wash days are shorter. I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking to improve the health of their natural hair. You deserve to love your hair in its natural state. Let Asia show you the way, you won’t regret it!!


Aleah A.

Asia was amazing! Loved her honesty and realness! She is so much help!  Thank you again for helping me to learn to love my curls again!! 


La Renda H.

Asia is phenomenal. She is truly a blessing to my life and hair. I have been going to Asia for a year and my hair is the best it has ever been. She also taught me how to manage and take care of my own hair during those times when I could not get to her. I prayed for a beautician who would take care of my hair and God gave me Asia.


Tamara A.

Throughout my entire appointment she taught me how to care for my own curls, the methods, the products and how to make it last until my next wash day. I would highly recommend Asia and I have been telling all my friends about!.